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“I’m Significant” Calvin & Hobbes

Tattoo on his arm that conveys a very important message. “I’m Significant”. This is a fragment of the comic strip “Calvin & Hobbes” by Bill Watterson, those who follow the site regularly know that I have a fascination with this pair of characters. You can see more Calvin and Hobbes tattoos here. This is a

Saturn planet tattoo

The planet Saturn tattooed in the nape of a girl. Designed with simple curves, this great planet  which is symbol of security and stability is portrayed with unparalleled simplicity. The simple lines and the fact that is made only with black ink make it outstanding.

Moon tattoo on abs

This is a tattoo of the moon, it is located on one side of the abdomen of this girl. Although it’s a tattoo without many details, and is only outlined, this tattoo on the abdomen does have a lot of charm as the place in which it is located makes it a sexy tattoo.

Moons tattooed on arms

Two small moons, drawn one in each arm. This is a tattoo was designed by Mark from Trilogy Tattoos Studio. The size and design of each moon is almost identical in each arm so we can say that we are facing two “twin moons”.

Madanala tattooed on the leg

In this girl’s leg is this mandala tattoo which resembles to a flower o perhaps a star. A perfect design which is about balance and harmony. We could say to do this tattoo took several hours for the perfect details it contains.