Star Wars Tattoo Archive

Boba Fett tattoo

  One of the most appraised enemies of the Star Wars saga: Boba Fett, with his classical aspect as seen in Clone Wars. Work done by the masterhands of Josh Woods from Black 13 Tattoo. Maybe you have seen other works of him around and for sure noticed his peculiar style which combines a lot

Iceberg Star Wars

And the last publications for today, a WTF tattoo (yeah, I can’t describe it with other words). A highly unusual combination of subjects, it is the tip of an iceberg floating in the water, but the other part is the mask of a StormTrooper of the movie saga saga George Lucas film, Star Wars. It

Stormtrooper Jolly Roger tattoo

The helmet of a Stormtrooper with a design that resembles the classic pirate-style skull (The Jolly Roger). Done with dark ink with a little splash of red. By Cynthia Rudzis at Cirque Du Rouge @ Washington DC

Star Wars shoulder tattoo

Tattoo on the shoulder of a young man. This is a work inspired by the Star Wars films. This is a work in the style of an emblem in which you see Darth Vader’s helmet and behind the Death Star. All surrounded by laurel leaves. Made in Copenhagen during the Ink Festival 2013 by Lorena

Master Yoda tattoo

Tattoo of Master Yoda from the Star Wars movies. Tattoo done by Corey from Atomic Tattoos @Clearwater, FL.