Steampunk Tattoos Archive

Portrait tattoo by Eckel from Conspiracy Ink

An impressive portrait of a girl tattooed on the arm. A work done by the tattoo artist Eckel from Conspiracy Ink Tattoo Studio located at Berlin, Germany. The drawing was done in a Victorian fashion and it reminds me to Elizabeth from the Bioshock Infinite videogame . I know she is not, but it sure resembles a lot.

Steampunk Cyborg tattoo

Not 100% sure if this is a real tattoo or a body painting work. Still, it is an amazing work, a cyborg girl in a steampunk fashion.

I love steampunk tattoos

Impressive portrait. Se more steampunk tattos.

Heartclock butterfly

A butterfly composed of a heart and a clock. So steampunk impact in this tattoo.

Steampunk style tattoo

With elements like a pocket watch, key, and feather, this tattoo has many Steampunk style.