Strange Tattoo Archive

Black Monk Tattoo on Arm

This monk appears totally absorbed in his own matters, and of whom we can only barely make out part of his lips and nose. A rather sinister and mysterious monk, created by Aivaras Ly, covered in a black habit with red trim.  

Avocado Tattoo on Forearms

Who in their right mind would choose this tattoo? That’s exactly what I wondered, the first day I saw this tattoo. Call it original, but you can’t deny the fact that having two avocado halves tattooed on your body isn’t exactly normal.  

Octopus Woman Tattoo

A somewhat extravagent tattoo, drawn by Ien Levin, on the forearm of its owner. You know what’s weird? Having an octopus on your shoulders. Not exactly ordinary (and really makes you think about the preferences of this customer), but this artist has taken it on with no problem whatsoever.

Man with Top Hat and Owl Tattoo

A somewhat extravagant tattoo, in which Kurt Anthony of Australian studio, The Australian Inkspot, has combined a type of magician, elegantly dressed in a suit, monacle and top hat, accompanied by a lovely brown owl and an Eye of Horus. A character who appears to be reflecting on his future, under the light of the

Ironic Shopping Cart Tattoo

A pretty crazy design, done by one of today’s hottest tattoo artists, Polish tattoo artist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec. A really, you’d have to be either very original or crazy to ask for a tattoo, in the middle of your chest, of a pair of shopping carts facing off, leaving a multicolored trail behind them.