Strange Tattoo Archive

Unusual Colorfull Skull Tattoo on Side

A skull, sitting calmly in a hand, with a huge variety of objects coming out of it, such as a fan, a type of battery, cables and even a pink flower. A rather original way to represent this subject, done by Do Lessard of 62K Represent.

Colorful whale tattoo on arm

  This is worlds apart from the representations of this type of cetacean we are accustomed to. A peculiar and colorful design, which has led us to the conclusion that this is a drawing made by Hipsters, for Hipsters. How are we so sure? Because a normal person wouldn’t ask for such a strange tattoo.

Deer with wings

A very strange tattoo of a “Batdeer” (or perhaps a Deerbat?) anyway, as you can see it is a tattoo of a little deer with wings of a bat but still the color of the deer’s fur. The work was done by Will White from Primal Instinct Tattoo at Anchorage, Alaska. Deers are seen as

Skulled safety pin

A rare tattoo of a safety pin, which then transform into a skelleton. We can appreciate how half of the safety pin (including the head9 turn into the vertebras and skull pf a human. Behind the design there’s a small spot of red ink.

Mystic woman tattoo

A tattoo across the whole ar. In it, there a woman full of mysticism, done with turquoise blue hues and full of mysticism elements. Surrounded by beautiful ornaments and with a stare, this is a tattoo that one more like it.