Strange Tattoo Archive

Eye tattoo on the chin

This would be the second eye tattooed at the chin that I’ve found so far. I know that Tomy Lee has one of this. Eyes are symbols of protection, Semitic cultures believed that the envy of others could harm one, therefore, an eye looking back on them could prevent their envy affecting you. As a matter

Facebook “like” Tattoo

The most famous social network… a Facebook Tattoo. I guess this guy really “likes” his tattoo. Hey why don’t you give us a like on our fanpage?

Eye tattoo on the neck

A really strange tattoo on the neck,  on the chin to be more accuarate. It’s a grean eye which looks sort of angry. Just like Tomy Lee’s tattoo. Source

Leg tattoo of a clown

Leg tattoo of a clow, to be honest, I don’t like these at all. It isn’t a bad tatto, it is just the fact I don’t like clowns at all. The details and the color are vivid, and the concept of the clown coming out from the inner skin is great.