Strange Tattoo Archive

Huge tattoo on the back

A huge tattoo that covers the entire back of the man and extends over his arms, neck and even head. The figure depicted is a japanese style demon with a malicious smile, the same one that is adorned with red flower petals.

Hamsa tattooed on the lower leg

A Hamsa symbol tattooed on the lower leg of a man, the figure looks like a hand with five fingers extended in the midst of this hand can be appreciated an eye staring around which there is a series of ornaments. A symbol of protection and good fortune.

Strange flower tattooed on the forearm

A tattoo of a rare flower inked on the forearm of a girl, the rareness of this flower does not diminish the beauty of it. The detail that the artist soaked in this picture is really amazing even without giving the characteristic colorful flowers.

Rorschach test tattoo

Tattoo on the chest of a man, it is an ink stain from the set of sketches that are used for the Rorschach test. One psychological study (rarely used nowadays)  in which the patient must describe what they see in the image. I completely ignore what might be the intentions of this tattoo, but it fascinates

Mandala tattoo on head

A tattoo with a high hinduism influence, it is a flower (mandala) on the head, and just in the middle it’s the symbol of the Ohm (aum). A very strange and unusual place to get tattoos, specially for the fact that you must keep shaving your head if you want people to see it.