Strange Tattoo Archive

Humanoid face tattoo

With a variety of shapes and colors is drawn this tattoo that looks like a human face, it has the perfect combination of colors and shades. It is a mexican skull of Día de los Muertos. The protruding reddish perfectly match the drawing itself and the rest of the shades.

Death Girl (Reaper) tattoo

In dark and this girl’s thigh seen a tattoo of the face of the reaper (In a mexican fashion), made with fine details including shadows and highlights, this tattoo is very realistic. The prints that are on the face represent vines that surround this beautiful woman.

Rings tattooed on the arm

Three black rings cover the arm of this lady, each ring becomes thicker as it goes upper on the arm. The Ring located in the top part has a blur effect that gives “movement” to the design. We do not know the meaning of this strange tattoo, but that does not mean the beauty of

Tattoo of an eye on chest

Tattoo on the chest of a man. What begins with only some traces of black ink, then transforms into an impressive drawing of an eye. The eyebrows of the eye resemble to feather, while a little splat of blue makes a huge contrast.

Virgin Maria tattoo on leg

A strange tattoo done on a boy’s leg. This is the Virgin of Guadalupe (or Virgin Maria), known in most of the world. The strange thing of this tattoo is the cadaverous appearance it has. Sort of a religious tattoo, but with a self interpretation.