Studio Ghibli Archive

Tattoo inspired in Spirited Away

  Leg tattoo inspired by Studio Ghibli film “Spirited Away“. There is one of the little creatures that help load the coal into the boilers of the hotel, two large eyes, a black colored stain similar to a lint hiding behind some old books. Done by Luc at Evolution Ink in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Totoro tattoo on arm

Totoro, from Ghibli Studios to you. Lovely chubby. Lately I have seen many tattoos of this and other characters from Ghibli Studios, are in vogue.

“Totoro Chibi”

Totoro Chibi style tattoo, perhaps one of the first films that popularized the genre and Ghibli Studio.

Princess Mononoke tattoo

Yes, another Princess Mononoke tattoo, one of the best films of Studio Ghibli. Done by the tattoo artist Chritian Solis in  Newor Tattoo, Mexico City.

Totoro tattoos

A couple of friends decided to get this pair of Totoro tattoos, one of the most iconic cartoons of Ghibli Studios.