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You will be as free as you want to

On this occasion I want to share a beautiful tattoo of our fan Bianciotti Sofia. This is a cute design on the back, it is the branches of a Japanese cherry tree and a cage which is open look. From it are two birds. Accompanying the tattoo is the phrase “You will be as free as

Old fashion tattoo of an owl

  Beautiful owl tattoo done on the lower leg. A collaboration of our visitors (and friend) Dani Cobain. In this work we can see dark shades and a design that is more like old school tattoos, along with a gradient which helps the feathers look “soft”. The owl perches on a branch and appreciate a

Ohana tattoo on ribs

We had time without receiving visitors’ submissions, and a couple of weeks ago Vic Rivas contacted us to share his tattoo on the ribs. It is simply the word Ohana, which in Hawaiian means “Family“. Also says he loves the movie Lilo & Stitch. What do you think? Keep sending us your photos.

Shen Long tattoo on shoulder

From our fan Daniel Liévano, thanks a lot for all your submissions to the site. This time is a tattoo of Shen Long from the Dragon Ball cartoon / anime which all we watched when younger. In the chest we can also appreciate an “A” from anarchy, which we previously featured on the site.

Otter tattoo from Dario Laz

Our visitor Dario Laz shares with us his tattoo of an otter, which has a great meaning for him. The otter is a native animal from North America,  and greatly appreciated by the native Americans. The otter invites us to play, and helps us to stop worrying of little problems, to start enjoying our lives as