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Mexican skull girl tattoo of Mike Mazariegos

Our fan Mike Mazariegos from México shares us his brand new tattoo. It’s a girl who is half skull (mexican style). I am really glad to hear the stories from our visitors who tell me they found inspiration for their tattoos in this website, I hope I can keep up with this project and I

César Reyes shares with us his tattoo

Our visitor, César Reyes, shares with us his personal tattoo which is a phrase in italian.. It says: Madre perdona i miei peccati Tu sei il migliore di tutti (Mother forgive my sins because you are the best of all).  Dedicated to his mother because she’s always been there despite de adversities. Thanks a lot for sharing

Octopus tattoo (by Dani Cobain)

Some time ago a fan of the site (Dani Cobain) asked me about the meanings that keep the  octopus and squid tattoos. I gave her a simple answer and I shared her some designs that were on the site. Octopuses are characterized by high intelligence, and sometimes their tentacles represent what you want to hold

Ohm tattoo of a visitor

Ohm symbol tattoo on back of a young visitor of the site. In fact I have accidentally uploaded another photo that you can see here. The ohm symbol of great importance in East Asian religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc …), represents the beginning, duration and end of the universe, which correspond to the deities Brahma, Vishnu

Musical tattoo (send by a fan)

Remind me not to become arrogant one of these days. Now I share this other tattoo from our visitor Ornella Puricelli. I don’t forget to leave your opinions. The treble clef accompanied by the bass clef, eighth notes and lines that give movement to the tattoo. Thank you very much, keep sending your tattoos.