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Crab tattoo

Tattoo of  intergalactic visitor McFlay, thank you very much for sharing this interesting tattoo. A tinged folk skull that makes the body of a crab. No special meaning behind the tattoo.

Pentagram tattoo on back

 Thanks to Daniela Vargas Covelli for sharing her tattoo , and a very attractive picture. The pentagram is a symbol of balance between opposites, fire is the symbol of strength at the same time flexibility.

Stars inspired in Kandinsky

Tsss tsss our follower José Fernando Macias now share with us a pair of photos of his tattoo on shoulder. A star with a background inspired by the paintings of Kandinsky, which in abstract artists is one of my favorites.  

“Libre” tattoo on foot

Thanks, Sil Oyola  for this photo, and thank you very much for your good comments. This is the third tattoo, and is inspired by the unstoppable need to be free.

Multiple tattoos and their meaning

Now it was the Alberto Sanchez  turn, who sent us this photo via Facebook fanpage and told us a little history behind tattoos. The anchor is a symbol of strength and AC are the initials of his father, on the other hand the owl is a symbol of wisdom and in his right hand will