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Japanese cherry tree tattoo on back

A fan over has shared her tattoo! It put big smile on my face, really. This time Alejandra Campos sent us a photo of her tattoo on the back half: a Japanese cherry tree with a kitten. Inspired by the book Opium in the Clouds.

Rose tattoo on back

Our cute visitor Tata has shared her beautiful tattoo on back. What do you think? Personally I like the circle in three parts which form the thorns of the rose.

Ohm tattoo

I love Yoga, if you share this pleasure with me, surely you will find this tattoo phenomenal. From our friend / fan Valentine Villaverde.

Cherry tree tattoo on back

I’m very happy, yesterday a friend shared with us a photo of her tattoo on back. We have two visitors who have left us pictures What are you waiting to share yours? This time it is a cherry tree in the back, a very iconic image of Japanese culture. What do you think?

Family of bunnies tattoo

Another tattoo shared by our friend Montsze Escudero, is a beautiful family of bunnies. I really liked the simplicity, and yet it has been excellent. -Bones