Sun Tattoo Archive

Maori on chest and shoulder

A Maori tattoo that covers most of the right chest and shoulder of a man. This design combines straight geometric figures but also curved shapes. The shoulder part seems to be a symbol like the sun; the same can be said about the outer circle on the chest. One of the few black and white

Sun tattoo on ribs

The sun with a face tattooed on a woman’s ribs. Made with thin lines and black ink only. The suns represent energy, life and joy, everything positive in life.

Paper cranes tattoo

  A very complex and amazing tattoo done on shoulder, arm and chest of a boy. On the arm we can see a tree in a cubist style, with a sunset (the red circle). From the three comes several red lines which give dynamism to the design. On the chest we can see several paper

Small moon and sun tattoo

A small sun and moon tattooed between the fingers. Simple and discrete.

Sun and moon tattoo

Sun and moon together tattoo, done by tattooist “Jeff” at Old Gold in Bellingham studio.