Surreal Tattoos Archive

Salvador Dalí Creature Tattoo

A tattoo done by tattoo artist Róbert A Borbás of Hungarian studio Dark Art Tattoo, which recreates one of the hundreds of prints carrying the signature of the father of Surrealism: Salvador Dalí. This print features a monstrous human-like figure, with drawers and objects sticking out from him.  

Alex Grey inspired tattoo

  Alex Grey is a renowned American artist famous for her psychedelic drawings with themes about life, death and the possibility of perciving life beyond our ordinary senses. Her drawings inspire many, and some have taken their work to the ink, as is the case. A composite drawing of the face of a person and

Salvador Dali’s inspired tattoo

A portrait tattoo of Salvador Dalí with a melting clock and the surreal landscapes he used to paint. On rightmost of the work there’s an owl. An amazing arm tattoo.

Surrealist rabbit tattoo

A surrealist rabbit tattoo with impressive details. The rabbit’s moose horns and bird wings.

Dali’s Elephant tattoo

The famous elephants of Salvador Dali, a great idea for a tattoo. It reminds me this other tattoo inspired by Dali. Pure art.