Sword tattoos Archive

Axe on the face (tattoo)

A tattoo of an axe lying on the face, just above the cheek. Definetly a large tattoo for such a place. Work done by the apprentice Philip Yarnell, from Skyn Yard Tattoo studio at Westcliff, South Africa. Axes are usually symbols of strength and power, althought some people may choose them for their love to their job

Small dagger tattoo

Were looking for small tattoos? How about something discreet between the fingers? As this little dagger tattooed on the middle finger of the hand. It may not make much sense this tattoo, but I found it funny.

Angel Knight tattoo

  A large tattoo across the back of a man. It is a knight angel on one knee. The angel is in a position like it was being promoted to knight, the sword  between his hands and his head down. The outline of the angel bears a series of flashes as if his figure was

Roman gladiator tattoo

A gladiator or a roman soldier tattooed on the upper back of a man.

Pyramid Head Tattoo (Silent Hill)

From the Silent Hill video game series, Pyramid Head, perhaps one of the most gory characters in the video games.