Symbols for Tattoos Archive

Equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle tattooed on the nape of a woman. A figure that represents the balance. A simple tattoo could say that is a minimalist work. A thin line making the shape of the triangle and nothing else.

Shoulder tattoo by Jean-Philippe Burton

  An intriguing tattoo done on the shoulder of a woman. I completely ignore the meaning or references for this tattoo, but I find it to have a very attractive design. Done by Jean-Philippe Burton at  Deuil Merveilleux tattoo studio at Brussels, Belgium.

Heartagram arm tattoo

A heartagram tattoo on the back of the arm of a boy. It is surrounded by a highly detailed background. The heartagram is a symbol that represents life and death (the heart and the triangle) and it is surrounded by a circle that represents a continuous cycle within this two elements. Tattoo done by ‘darkswall0w‘.

30 Seconds to Mars symbols tattoo

 And another tattoo related to 30 Seconds to Mars band, this time is a tattoo done on the nape of a girl. We have previously talked about what these symbols could mean. Although no member of the band has confirmed any of those meanings.

Another 30STM tattoo

Another tattoo inspired on the american alternative rock band 30 Seconds To Mars  (30STM). In this ocassion the tattoo is one of the symbols of the band’s logo which may have one of three possible meanings: It’s 3 lines which symbolize 30, it’s the letter “M” for Merury (for the three first planets of the