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How to fix a tattoo

Before getting a tattoo we must make sure of the kind of tattoo that we want to get, and we also have to make sure we are convinced about the design we are going to pick, as making a mistake in this aspect could bring serious consequences upon us. It is because of people who

What should I know about shoulder tattoos?

You are excited to get a new tattoo and you have decided that it’s gonna be on your shoulder this time. But just when you are about to head to your favorite tattoo studio, you doubt for a moment and you decide to look up on the net some details about tattoos on the shoulder.

Anesthesia for tattoos

In my personal opinion, a tattoo is an experience that must be enjoyed with all the senses: hear the buzzing of the machine, smell the fragrance of the shop, see the designs in the shelves, eat or drink something between the breaks; and of course: feel the needle on the skin. Yes, tattoos hurt, and

Tattoos and blood donation: fact and fiction

When I was getting my first tattoo (a while ago) one of my first concerns was precisely the issue of blood donation. I’m a person that loves life and I would eventually like to become a blood donor and perhaps even an organ donor, so before taking any decision about this tattoo I consulted a

Things you shouldn’t do the night before getting a tattoo

The title of this article sounds like a joke, but believe me, it’s not. There’s a series of things we must not do the night before getting a tattoo– as there also is a list of things we should do the first night after getting a tattoo. Rule number 1: Have a good dinner. If