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How to know if you are attending a good quality tattoo studio

I’m not going to lie to you, in my life I’ve been to a lot of tattoo studios, but I’ve only had tattoos done in just few of them. I’m fond of tattoos like many other: you go into the studio to browse out of curiosity, sometimes you buy piercings, and of course, you check

Skull key tattoo

A master key, or a skeleton key.

Dragon tattoo on back

A work like that takes several days and about 4 hours sessions at least. It takes patience, really.

Tattoo photos

Another photo in tattoo studio. Remember always go with a professional tattooist.

Tattoo artist apprenticeship (Part 2)

 (Continuation of the article Tattoo artist apprenticeship) As we already told you before, the best thing to do – and the most correct too – would be to become a tattoo artist apprentice, in order to learn everything from the beginning. And by everything, I mean both the art of tattooing, and also the occupational