Terror Tattoo Archive

Pinhead (Fail Tattoo)

  A very particular depiction of Pinhead (from Hellraiser movies and comic). Design made ??by Ashley Davies, which personally, I would only like to see on my worst enemy. Besides having a really gruesome look (and no horrific at all), the colors that were chosen to simply do not fit with the character. An abomination

Horror Pumpkin tattoo

  A tattoo done in both forearms of a boy, it contains a Halloween design of a pumpkin with a creepy face. The pumpkin lies in a haunted field, perhaps a cemetery. On the background one can see a church and a raven. A highly detailed work with nice colors and shades.

Silent Hill tattoo on the back

A symbol from the Silent Hill video game series. Fans for sure know what this symbol represents, it is the Halo of the Sun, which is a representation of the deity in which the antagoinists of the game believe. The symbol represents the continious rebirth of the deity.

Jason (Horror tattoos)

  A funny cartoon made by Marty McEwen of Black 13 Tattoo studio. It is one of the most feared murderers of horror movies: the masked Jason Voorhees and his trusty hockey goalie mask hiding his true identity. A pretty colorful design, which has included a number 13, in honor of the movie series to which

Zombie woman (Impressive tattoo)

  It is time to fill the place of tattoos on Halloween. And also because I’m a big fan of zombie movies. A tattoo with impressive detail by Paul Acker, in the city of Philadelphia, PA.