The Death Tattoo Archive

Tattoo of Death (Grim Reaper)

In which we see one of the most used subjects in the history of tattoos: Death, accompanied by his iconic scythe and dark robes. All of this, surrounded by  multicolored flames, with which Heath Nock gives that dismal, sinister touch that everyone attributes to death and the Grim Reaper.  

Death Girl (Reaper) tattoo

In dark and this girl’s thigh seen a tattoo of the face of the reaper (In a mexican fashion), made with fine details including shadows and highlights, this tattoo is very realistic. The prints that are on the face represent vines that surround this beautiful woman.

Couple of tattoos by Adam Smith

Another couple of tattoos done by Mike Adams, whose studio is located in Richmond Virginia. His style of tattoo is quite original, with a retro aspect and using black ink only. If you want a tattoo with old school style, he is undoubtedly a good choice. The death holding a sickle while it is emerging

Angel of death holding a woman

A large tattoo on the abdomen of a man. This is a drawing showing the death (or an angel of death) with a woman in his arms. What I liked is the most are the details on the wings, although other parts of the tattoo lack of such details, for example, the hand that is

Mexican skull girl tattoo

  A Mexican style tattoo of a skull on back. It is a beautiful “dead” woman whose skin is white and purple, in the neck there is a heart with yellow outline. The girl has long hair which reaches to the shoulders and then becomes an interesting decoration for the outline of the tattoo. Along with