Thigh Tattoo Archive

Flowers and Mirror Tattoo on Thigh

Flowers, which appear to be decorating a beautiful mirror in the background, created by the talented hand of tattoo artist Gia Rose, of Art Machine Productions studio, and amongst the flowers we find some of the most commonly used by florists: red roses, orchids, daisies and tulips.  

Marilyn Monroe tattoo

  This is pure art I gotta say. It is by far one of the most interesting works I have seen recently. It is an uncommon portrait of Marilyn Monroe which has been done with triangles of all sizes to create the portrait with details and shadings.

Your only purpos is to be incredible

A tattoo of a phrase in English which says “Your only purpose is to be incredible”. The phrase is pretty much self-explanatory. Tattoo done on the thigh with a simple font similar to that of Comic Sans (although it is not).

Couple of butterflies on legs

Two beautiful butterflies tattooed on the legs of a girl, just above the knees of her. Even thought that butterflies are associated with colors, the one’s depicted here were done with only dark tones, which combined with the skin, give them a sepia-tone aspect. A stunning tattoo!

Circular tattoo on the thigh

Tattoo of a circular mandala made ??in the thigh of a woman. As expected in this type of design, there is a perfect symmetry. On many occasions associated mandalas are symbols of harmony and often represent flowers.