Thigh Tattoo Archive

Humanoid face tattoo

With a variety of shapes and colors is drawn this tattoo that looks like a human face, it has the perfect combination of colors and shades. It is a mexican skull of Día de los Muertos. The protruding reddish perfectly match the drawing itself and the rest of the shades.

Owl tattoo on thigh

Located in this lady’s leg is this great and colorful owl (mainly pink and blue ink), a tattoo done wth great detail and patience, no doubt, hard work for the artist. The combination of colors and location make tattoo on projection manner.

Couple of lines tattooed on legs

A minimalist tattoo which only two lines drawn appreciated, one in each leg. These lines seem to halve the legs of the woman wearing it, or resemble to some hosiery. Although at first glance appears to be a simple tattoo, it looks very sexy.

Rhino tattoo on thigh

  One of my favorite artists is Xoil, a French tattooist who has gained much fame by his peculiar style for tattoos. This time it is a tattoo of a rhino which has an extremely realistic look, however, posterior half decomposes into geometric shapes. The background in turn consists of geometric lines with a lot of

Edward Scissorhands tattoo on thigh

After publishing this tattoo, I found that there are many other works inspired by this film. This is the character Edward Scissorhands from one of the first great films of Tim Burton. Tattoo done by Samantha Storey, during the Bound Convention 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta.