Thigh Tattoo Archive

Blue whale tattoo for girls

Tattoo of a blue whale in the leg of a woman. The design keeps drawing look like more than a photographic one. Aquatic animals are usually associated with freedom, and the blue whale could not be the exception. Tattoo done on the thigh of a woman.

Gnome tattoo on thigh

A tattoo of a gnome made ??in the thigh of a woman. It is a cheerful gnome dressed in blue and with a large red hat. His pose and gestures are quite friendly and cheerful. Made in the thigh of a woman. How would you like to have one of these?

Couple of tattoos dedicated to dad and mom

  A couple of tattoos dedicated to the father and mother of this young woman. On one side is a sail boat across the sea, and a band with the message “Pops”. The other tattoo is a heart around which two birds are green and blue, and the band reads the word “Mama”. Dedicate a

Skull with blue bow

  An interesting tattoo of a skull. We usually tend to see the skull tattoos in dark themed works, however, this has a certain charm due to the large blue bow adorning the skull. Below is accompanied by a pair of red roses.

Skull tattoo on thigh

  Tattoo of a skull on the thigh of a woman. An ideal place for large tattoos that’s still discrete. The photo is upside down, but you can see the skull and a candle above it, there’s some wax melting over the skull.  A design that reminds me El día de los muertos.