Thigh Tattoo Archive

Adventure Time thigh tattoos

  A couple of unfinished Adventure Time’s tattoos. These are two of the characters from the cartoon Adventure Time, on the one hand you see the adorable little arcade, and in the other thigh it’s Princess Lumpy Space which has no color yet. Both tattoos are made ??within frameworks like emblems or mirrors.

Fox tattoo by Peter Aurisch

  One of my favorite tattoo artists, Peter Aurisch, who works in the city of Berlin, Germany. His works often revolve thematic beauty and nature, and combined with geometric elements with an appeal between abstract and cubism. This time it is a fox done with red and black ink. From his head there are coming

Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski

  Did you see the movie The Great Lebowski? If yes, great, if not, run now to rent it. A funny tattoo of Jesus Quintana, from this film, who has a particular way of playing bowling. Tattoo done by Shane O’Neill with impressive realism.

Mana Potion tattoo (Ragnarok Online)

 For those enjoy MMO video games or for those who once played Ragnarok Online. This is a tattoo of mana potion container. With a moth and a rose below it. By Phil Wilkinson who usually tattoos in Manchester although this work was done during a stay in Berlin.

Skull done with flowers tattoo

A colorful tattoo of a skull made ??entirely of flowers of different colors. Within one eye can see a black butterfly, while the other one is empty. The mouth is composed of small laurel leaves. Tattoo done on the thigh of a woman.