Tiger Tattoo Archive

Head of a tiger tattoo

  The head of a tiger tattooed on the back of a man. Tigers are a symbol of power, civilizations across Asia associated these animals to the the sacred and beauty. They also are seen as symbols of power and were called the “Kings of Animals” by some Eastern Civilizations.

Tribal tiger tattoo on arm

 A tribal tiger tattoo, it’s yet to be finished, but so far it already looks great. Tiger tattoos are symbols of strength, wanna get one? This design could inspire you. Check out other tiger tattoos.

Sak Yant style tiger

The sak yant are a style tattoos from Asia Southeast, many of them contain tigers as is the case. One could say that is a variant of tribal tattoos.

Tiger tattoo by Dedo Hangman

Tiger with red eyes tattoo. Done by Dedo Hangman.

Thai tattoo on back

This kind of tattos are called Thai o Khmer, also are called Sak Yants. East Asia tradition tattoo. This kind of tattoos represent power and “conferred” the mystical ability whom carried with them. Tattoo done IDEA Tattoo  in Bangkok.