Tree Tattoo Archive

Landscape Tattoo on Arm

In this tattoo we can see a marvelous landscape full of trees, plants and mountains against a blue sky, designed by tattoo artist David Côté. This landscape, which the artist has drawn with bright, energetic colors, is accompanied by a message in capital letters, across a pretty pink flower.  

Springtime Tree Tattoo on Arm

A small tree drawn by Shannie Linden on this woman’s arm, from which the first tender leaves of Spring are beginning to emerge. A lovely motif, which evokes the continuing renewal of life and the unending passage of time in Mother Nature.

Blackbird in Tree Tattoo

A small and lovely tree which grows from the wrist of its owner, and which appears to have the first buds of springtime. A bird seems to have been resting here for some time, upon one of the tree’s curled branches. A simple, elegant touch, perfect for all types of people.  

Blackwork tree tattoo

  A blackwork tattoo done on the complete arm of  a man. It’s a quite abstract tattoo that may represent a forest, with a couple of threes and several branches around. Done by the tattoo artist Watson Atkinson at Portland, Maine.

Paper cranes tattoo

  A very complex and amazing tattoo done on shoulder, arm and chest of a boy. On the arm we can see a tree in a cubist style, with a sunset (the red circle). From the three comes several red lines which give dynamism to the design. On the chest we can see several paper