Tree Tattoo Archive

Tree and vultures tattoo (Alkaline Trio)

A tattoo done aside the abdomen of a boy. It’s a quite complex design which contains a death three with vultures. The vultures ave skulls instead of their normal heads. Behind the three we can see the red full moon. A tattoo inspired in the Alkaline Trio images, we can even see the band’s logo carved

Tree tattoo on hip and stomach

A gorgeous girl showing her tattoo of a tree with a realistic design. Work done at the hip and ribs of the girl.

Harry Potter phrases tattoo

A large tattoo on the back of a girl. It’s a tree which is moved by the air and a phrase written in italics: We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy. Taken from the J.K. Rowling books of Harry Potter. It’s a phrase said by Dumbledore.

Trunk rings tattoo

Forearm tattoo of the rings of a tree. By counting the rings a tree had we can know it’s age… Such a sad story.

Abstract tree tattoo by Lenad Nada

An abstract tree tattooed on shoulder, forearm  and arm of a boy.  An amazing work done with red and blavk ink by the tattoo artist Lenad Lada.