Tree Tattoo Archive

Couple of tattoos on the back

 A couple of tattoos on the back of a man. The first one is a fragment of some text or perhaps a phrase, the other one is a tree with a mandala around it’s roots.

A whale tattoo… is it?

Is it a whale or a man with beard? It’s all upon the perspective. Done by Kevin from Expanded Eye.

Tree tattoo at wrist

 Tattoo of a tree done at the wrist of a girl. A very simple design which turned out just great. Trees are usually symbols of fortitude, but in the end each one chooses the meaning of their tattoos. Check out more tree tattoos.

Perennial with the earth

Phrase tattoo that says:  perennial with the earth.

Tree in fractals tattoo

 Tree tattooed on leg. What attracted me of this tattoo is style of it, it is a composition fractal style.