Tree Tattoo Archive

The giving tree tattoo

There is a simple and interesting story for children called The Giving Tree, I highly recommend it. Illustration by Shel Silverstein. We have a section with more tattoos inspired by his drawings.

Tree tattooed on wrist

Tree tattooed on wrist with peace symbol.

Japanese cherry tree tattoo on back

A fan over has shared her tattoo! It put big smile on my face, really. This time Alejandra Campos sent us a photo of her tattoo on the back half: a Japanese cherry tree with a kitten. Inspired by the book Opium in the Clouds.

Shade of a tree and a heart tattoo

A dead tree with a heart tattoo. Done by Autumn Siska in New Breed Tattoos studio located in Johnstown.

Tattoos on knuckles, a nice couple

A pair of miniature tattoos. A little tree and a miniature owl.