Tree Tattoo Archive

Cherry tree tattoo on back

I’m very happy, yesterday a friend shared with us a photo of her tattoo on back. We have two visitors who have left us pictures What are you waiting to share yours? This time it is a cherry tree in the back, a very iconic image of Japanese culture. What do you think?

Baobab tattoo

Baobab tattoo,  coloring and details are more than perfect. Tattoo designed and done in Tattoo I got by Dave Walz in the Integrity Tattoos studio, Belleville IL.

Tree tattoo on wrist

Tattoo for girls, it is a tree on wrist.

Tree tattoo by Oak Adams

Brilliant design on the back, it is a tree decomposed into boxes, made by Oak Adams.

Tattoo on chest of a boy

I know that this time I left the title without grace, but this tattoo is hard to describe in a few words. Just enjoy it.