Tree Tattoo Archive

Tree tattoo on back of a woman

Tattoo of a spreading tree covering all the back of a girl. It is a detailed tattoo of a dried tree with a big trunk and abundant branches, the details are not exactly realistic, actually it give is it a fantasy like aspect. Perhaps a haunted tree or a similar horror story due the twisted branches

Tree tattoo on back

  Tree tattoo, precisely a lemon tree. It is an unique design.

Tree tattoo on back

Tree tattoo on back of a girl.

Tree tattoo

Tree tattoo with phrase “I climbed the tree to see the world” 

Tree and birds tattoo on the back

Tree and birds tattoo  made on the back of a girl.  The three is starting to bloom and a couple of birds are flying around the tree. Trees are often chosen as symbols of connection with the nature and fertility. When the trees are blooming it can represent renewal (starting a new phase in life,