Tribal Tattoo Archive

Philippine tribal tattoo

  An impressive blackwork of a tribal Philippine done around the leg of a man. This style is very peculiar as it uses geometric patterns and solid black to create art. The artist behind this work is Jonathat Cena. Tribals are perhaps the most ancient of the tattoo styles, they were meant for brave warriors as decorations to

Tardis tattoo on foot

  Another Whovian tattoo, this time is the famous blue police box, The TARDIS. On one side is a message written in Gallifreyan, the language invented for this series, which consists of circles and lines that make an interesting effect. If you’re a fan of this series, definitely need a Tardis tattoo.

Ouroboros red ink tattoo

  The Ouroboros symbol which consists of a snake eating its own tail. A symbol of the northern European tribes representing constant self renew. In a way it reminds me the enzo symbol of Japanese culture. Tattoo done with only red ink at Adiction Pain @ El Salvador.

Black panther tribal tattoo

A great black panther tattoo with a tribal design. Recently we’ve seen another tattoo like this, but in this one the tribal details are more notorious. The work was done with fine lines that make it look impeccable. Tattoo done on the back of the leg of a man.

Tribal tattoo on leg for girls

A girl shows us a tribal tattoo on the leg and thigh with a texture inside the tattoo.