Typography Archive

This is who I really am tattoo

Tattoo on the back of a woman with the famous phrase “This is who I really am” in English.” This tattoo is made with a somewhat informal typography addition to the location in which it was made ??makes it very striking.

Carpe Diem tattoo on forearm

Tattoo with the latin phrase Carpe Diem which translates as “Take the day” (although it us usually translated as Seize the day). Tattoo done with a cursive font very similar to the Palmer’s method. Tattoo done on the forearm of a man with a very elegant typography.

Quotation marks tattoo

  This would not be the first tattoo quotation marks tattoo we see here on the site, you can check out this other one done on the  back of a girl. Although I’m not sure what is the meaning of these designs, I think they represent the love for the language and the fact of wanting

Ride Fast tattoo on fingers

  A simple phrase tattooed on the fingers of a man:  Ride Fast. Each letter on one finger. Done with a Roman font, simple an aesthetic.

Word “home” tattooed on chest

The word home written in italics on the chest.