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True Lies tattoo

Today I discovered a new tattoo artist worthwhile following him closely. He is Lukasz  Bam Kaczmarek, who lives in Krakow, Poland, and who will soon be seeing more and more works.

Cali4nia tattoo

Cali4nia (California) tattoo on knuckles, with good typography style.

Fox tattoo (original style)

Fox tattoo with a very original style, accompanied with a part of a song of Everlong of Foo Fighters. The elegant font reminds me to the early XX Century propaganda, the fox on the other hand reminds me to the highly stylished Nouveau Art posters (XIX and XX Century). An artistic trend that was followed by modernism

Ganster “D” tattoo

The typography of tattoos gangster style is truly unique.

“Fearless” tattoo on wrist

Tattoo on wrist with word “Fearless”