V for Vendetta Archive

Ideas are bulletproof

  A tattoo inspired on the comic / movie V for Vendetta. It’s the signature of this antihero (a V inside a circle which is bleeding) and one of the mos emblematic phrases: Ideas are bulletproof . Tattoo done on the calf of a man.

V for vendetta phrase tattoo

The character of V, from the comic and movie V for Vendetta has become a very influential symbol nowadays. In the past 2 years it become the identity for many rebellions against censorship, economic instability and internet hacktivism, between other types of “anarchist events” in order to finish with the oppressive power of the governments.  And

Tattoo from V for Vendetta

Tattoo done on the hand and arm of a boy. From the movie and comic V for Vendetta. Symbol of anarchy, as Guy Fawkes did it centuries ago. A great idea for someone who loved the movie, the moic, or agrees with all this ideology.

V fo Vendetta Tattoo

V for Vendetta. One of my favorite movies, based on a comic written by Alan Moore. It’s funny how this mask transformed in the “identity” of the groupo Anoynomus.