Vampire Tattoo Archive

Vampire tattoo (Nosferatu)

A highly detailed tattoo of Nosferatu. This tattoo is quite hyperrrealistic, with lots of details and shades, you can even see the veins and the soft change of color in the fangs. In some way it also reminds me to the character of Salem Lot, from Stephen King Book (and also movie). A terrific tattoo done

Halloween, tattoos and a Story of Horror

Tattoos can talk about almost any topic you can imagine, more often they are symbols about love or courage with “deep meanings” that are highly personal. Nevertheless, there are some new interesting trends of getting tattoos of simple things, those things that we love, for example, Halloween. In the last couple of years I’ve whitnessed

A pair of tattoos on fists

A pair of colorful tattoos of a vampire girl and King Kong.

Tattoo machine on action

Tattoo machines are so cool. Here just an interesting photo of a vampire tattoo in process.