Video Games Tattoo Archive

Silent Hill nurse tattoo

From the video game series (and the movie), Silent Hill, the nurse. Perhaps one of the creepiest characters from the game.

Kratos tattoo on shoulder

Again we have a tattoo inspired in the video games of God of War. It seems to me that every single person that has decided to get Kratos on a tattoo takes it seriously, as so far all these tattoos have been just great.

TLOZ back tattoo for girl

Inspired in the video game series of The Legend of Zelda, a back tattoo of the triforce.

Skeletal Dragon tattoo

A skeletal dragon tattooed on the arm of a boy. Tattoo inspired in Skyrim and done by Luke Blegen from  Golden Spiral Tattoo Studio @ Greensboro, NC.

Pyramid Head Tattoo (Silent Hill)

From the Silent Hill video game series, Pyramid Head, perhaps one of the most gory characters in the video games.