Video Games Tattoo Archive

Shoryuken tattoo

Geek and gamer’s tattoos everywhere. This time is the description of the special movement Shoryuken from Street Fighter video games. A handy combo list?

Angry Birds tattoo

Knuckle’s tattoo inspired on the video game Angry Birds from Rovio. Did you say you loved Angry Birds?

Pikachu tattoo on arm

A Pikachu Tattoo, from the cartoon and video game series of Pokemon by Nintendo. Check out our sections of pokemon tattoos and gamer tattoos in case you are looking for original ideas.

Architect of my own Destruction

Tattoo of a phrase: “I am the architect of my own Destruction.”  A message about freedom, even if it takes us to dangerous places. Taken from the Prince of Persia Video Games.

Headcrab tattoo (Half Life)

 A tattoo of a Headcrab, from the Half Life video games (by Valve). A game which I enjoyed a lot back when I was young, and still enjoy it. Tattoo done at Tunbrdige, Kent (UK) at Fools Gold tattoo studio.