Vintage Tattoo Archive

Turntable on the leg

A turntable, this old machine used to play vinyl records and play music that way. The mechanism of the turntable is “depicted” here, as we can see how music is coming out of the turntable. I would even guess that they are playing “romantic” music. A beautiful tattoo done on the thigh of a girl.

Growing plant tattoo

  This tattoo has fascinated me. It iss a series of drawings showing the growth of a plant, since it is a seed to blooming. Below, with roman style font, comes the quote How strange it is to be anything at all. Done on the upper back of a girl.

Pin up girl tattoo on arm

A pin up girl tattoo done at the arm of a boy. Pin up was a fashion trend that began at the end of XIX century, but which became popular til the 40’s. Nowadays the pin up is a popular style in many artistic and fashion photographies. Work done by the talented tattoo artist Marco

Polaroid tattoo

For those who love Polaroid photos, getting a tattoo of one of his pictures may sound as a great idea: it combines personal passions with some good memory. But if you are thinking about getting something like this, get a good tattoo artist, else it would turn out terrible.

Corse tattoo by Maxime Buchi

A corset tattooed on a girl. A Highly realistic design done by Maxime Büchi.