Virgin Tattoo Archive

Virgin Maria tattoo on leg

A strange tattoo done on a boy’s leg. This is the Virgin of Guadalupe (or Virgin Maria), known in most of the world. The strange thing of this tattoo is the cadaverous appearance it has. Sort of a religious tattoo, but with a self interpretation.

Back tattoo by Anil Gupta

  An interesting tattoo throughout the back, well, the right half of the back. There are several portraits that include, among others, an angel in armor, a virgin, and also Buddha and Ganesh. There’s also other character which I cannot recognize. All this work has been done by Anil Gupta.

The meaning of Angel tattoos

Yes, perhaps this is not as exciting as other posts from the section meaning of tattoos, and do not even mention the ones from Tattoo Artist X Diary, but there are some curious people that need to know everything about the meaning of a symbol before having it tattooed (and it’s indeed good to know,

Zoiberg tattoo

Wtf…wtf! Zoiberg like if be a virgin tattooed on arm, accompanied with flowers and everything. Pff… Fans of Futurame ideas.

Tattoos on chest and arms