Watercolor Tattoos Archive

Paper birds tattoo

A pair of birds (herons) made of paper. There are many tattoos that simulate origami figures, I personaly find them fascinating. The other important detail of this tattoo is the effect of watercolors which have “tainted” the paper figures.

Kingfisher arm tattoo

  Tattoo of a Kingfisher, a beautiful bird with a very attractive plumage which is usually orange and blue. As its name implies, it is a bird that has a great skill when fishing. The tattoo looks like if it was watercolor painting. A nice detail is how the bird’s wing subtly becomes a branch.

Dandelion and purple splashes

  Tattoo of a dandelion while it is been blown to pieces. You can see the small part falling  apart in the air. In the background is a splash with a watercolor style done with purple and blue ink which follows the same direction as the fragments of the flower. Made in the back of a

Abstract heart tattoo with watercolor effect

Heart tattoo with a semi-abstract style. There is a “realistic” heart drawn like a pencil sketch, and within this is another heart but with the”traditional” shape as if it were drawn with red ink. Around the tattoo there’s a couple of spots of colors that resemble watercolor brushstrokes. Made in Nikoinko Street tattoo on Francoville, France.

Brush strokes like tattoo

  Tattoo on the leg of a woman, made next to the twin. It looks an interesting design which simulates paint strokes along the leg. Made with black and red ink. A nice design (something abstract maybe) made by artist Amanda Wachob. We invite you to see more tattoos from here here.