Watercolor Tattoos Archive

Abstract tattoo by Koray Karagozler

  An inner arm tattoo with an abstract design with intense red-orange colors. It is a work done by Koray Karagozler from who we have seen many other works here at the site. As most of her works, this one contains a watercolor effect with some strokes that look like they were made with pen.

Deer tattoo on shoulder

  A terrific tattoo of a deer done on the shoulder of a girl. A design made in soft colors to make it look like a painting, or as a simple illusion. Te deers are formidable animals from the forest that symbolize fortune, good luck and passion.

Heart tattoo (watercolor effect)

 An abstract heart tattoo with a very interesting effect. There is a pink purple blur below the drawing meanwhile the lines are made with a sort of “ink splatter” design. The heart is never closed, but it still enough detailed so we can recognize it. A work done by Koray Karagözler on the leg of a woman.

Barn owl tattoo on thigh

A barn owl tattooed on the thigh of a girl. Done with soft colors to make it look like a water painting. Done by the talented tattoo artist  Josh Downing @ Caro, Michigan. You can contact him and check more of his stuff at his Facebook.

Watercolor Owl tattoo

An owl tattooed on the arm of a girl. It’s a watercolor/paint style tattoo.