Whales Archive

Colorful whale tattoo on arm

  This is worlds apart from the representations of this type of cetacean we are accustomed to. A peculiar and colorful design, which has led us to the conclusion that this is a drawing made by Hipsters, for Hipsters. How are we so sure? Because a normal person wouldn’t ask for such a strange tattoo.

Simple whale tattoo on the arm

A tattoo of a friendly whale inked with a soft blue. This marine animal is overflowing with great joy: the proof is the big smile and having huge jet of water that crosses the sky. Nuno Rodrigues is the designer of this tattoo done in the arm. Work done in Barcelona, ??Spain.

Blue whale tattoo for girls

Tattoo of a blue whale in the leg of a woman. The design keeps drawing look like more than a photographic one. Aquatic animals are usually associated with freedom, and the blue whale could not be the exception. Tattoo done on the thigh of a woman.

Blue Whale tattoo on biceps

  Tattoo of a blue whale, the largest animal that lives today, tattooed on the biceps of a man. The tattoo comes with an effect that simulates waves around the whale. By Patrick from Pacific Ink @ San Diego, California.

A whale tattoo… is it?

Is it a whale or a man with beard? It’s all upon the perspective. Done by Kevin from Expanded Eye.