Wing Tattoo Archive

Colorful wing tattooed on the leg

A tattoo wrapping the girl of this girl. It is a colorful wing of an unknown bird, the amazing details and high contrast colors make it look outstanding. This tattoo was made by Tori from the studio Inki Fingers at Basingstoke, United Kingdom. If you are looking for a talented artist who knows how to

Couple of wings tattoo on wrist

A small pair of wings tattooed on the wrist of a young woman. A minimalist design which is very discreet and elegant. In a way it reminds me of Harry Potter golden snitch, but do not think that has been the source of inspiration of this woman.

Small wings tattoo

A small couple of wings tattooe don the back of a woman. The design also has an aureola at the upper side. The angels are very popular among tattoo designs of all sorts and styles because of their great meaning: protection and faith.

Heart made out of wings

A tattoo of a heart made out of wings, a couple of white-gray wings. A small tattoo at wrist.

Clock tattoo on the chest

It’s not just a clock tattoo, but rather a complex masterpiece. It contains a lot of elements: The clock, a couple of roses, half skull, and the wings. What do you think about it?