Word Tattoo Archive

Double X tattoo

A couple of “X” tattooed on the legs of a girl. Around each “X” there ‘s a bay laurel.

Small tattoos on thumbs

The “W” letter and a small anchor tattooed on the back of the thumbs.

Eyes tattoo on hands of a boy

A funny picture for the pair of tattoos that a boy has. A couple of eyes, each one on the back of a hand. I cover my eyes but I still can see you. There are other interesting tattoos on the picture, the letters on the fingers and the phrases on the arms. Unluckily we

Justin Bieber song tattoo

Tattoo with a fragment of a song by Justin Bieber …. What a shock, but it could be worse and have the  portrait of Justin Bieber tattoo. Aside of the fact that I don’t like Bieber’s music (that is a mater of taste), my problem with this tattoo is how ridiculous the “woooah” looks, and

Avenged Sevenfold lyric tattoo

Phrase tattooed on chest of a man. It is a song title of Avenged Sevenfold band.