Words Tattoo Archive

Tattoo about love on the arm

A tattoo on the arm with 4 powerful and meaningful words: Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love. A tattoo that is meant to inspire her daily life.

Adelaide tattoo

This girl has tattooed on the inside of the right arm the name of a major Australian cities, Adelaide. It is a simple tattoo, without any color or special ornaments. Maybe this girl is natural to Adelaide or perhaps this delighted with this wonderful city.

Cute squid tattoo

The great artist Bonnie, from the studio Skin Stories Tattoos, designed this tattoo which portrays a small baby squid caricatured and colored with vivid inks. To the right of this adorable character it’s the phrase in English “Let’s cuddle?” A request about getting some love I guess.

Couple of tattoos dedicated to dad and mom

  A couple of tattoos dedicated to the father and mother of this young woman. On one side is a sail boat across the sea, and a band with the message “Pops”. The other tattoo is a heart around which two birds are green and blue, and the band reads the word “Mama”. Dedicate a

Ohana tattoo on ribs

We had time without receiving visitors’ submissions, and a couple of weeks ago Vic Rivas contacted us to share his tattoo on the ribs. It is simply the word Ohana, which in Hawaiian means “Family“. Also says he loves the movie Lilo & Stitch. What do you think? Keep sending us your photos.