Words Tattoo Archive

Forearm bird silhouettes tattoo

A tattoo of the word faith and several birds at the forearm of a girl. What do you think?

Magic tattoo

A tattoo with the word “Magic” done at the nape of a girl.  We invite you to read our post about neck tattoos for girls, which I consider simply look great. In our post you will find all the information you want to know about these type of tattoos, and if you still have any question feel

Inner lip Tattoo “Beta 5”

An inner lip tattoo with the word “Beta 5” Perhaps inner lips are one of the most complicated tattoos to make. Not the most painful, but it can get quite tricky sometimes.

Fashion tattoo (on wrist)

Glad to see that people no longer use the anglicized fashion. It was those words that could ruin my lunch. But hey, this tattoo is perfect, especially if your native language is English (or where you live spoken English). This is not the first time that we see a coat hanger tattooed in fact.

Compass tattoo on arm

Three interesting tattoos, on wrist written in italics Amore, a little more on forearm a compass or star navigation, and on the other arm a world map.