Wrist tattoo Archive

Small tattoo of an elephant at wrist

A small and cute elephant baby tattooed on the wrist of a girl. These animals are usually depicted as big and strong, but in this case the aspect is rather simple and cute. A minimalistic design made only with a solid line. Elephants are often associated with good luck, so this can be seen as a

Blue flower on the wrist

Here we have a simple tattoo of a blue flower. The design may be simple, but it’s beautiful and ideal as a discrete tattoo. Made with soft tones of blue, white and yellow; it can be a good reminder of the spring. Would you get a tattoo like this?

Silhouette bird tattoo on wrist

The silhouette of an unknown bird tattooed on a girl’s wrist. It is a aesthetic tattoo, with a simple shape / shadow made with only black ink. Quite simple, but it may look great in some persons. Inspired in the song of Blackbird singing at LA Tattoo, in Los Angeles.

Seahorse tattoo on arm

A funny and curious seahorse tattoo on the wrist, it is drawn aside and looking at the characteristic coiled tail. Done with the typical color of the small marine animals. A beautiful tattoo for girls.

Home where I wanted to go

On the wrist of a man there’s the phrase “Home, where I wanted I go“.  Above the phrase there’s the silhouette of a plane flying. One can assume that the person wearing this tattoo on your wrist you are away from home and want to be with his family.