Wrist tattoo Archive

Love tattoo on wrist with water color effect

A tattoo with a very special message. It is the word “Love”  done with soft color inks in a “watercolor style” Done with purple, pink, blue and yellow ink. Between the word it is a old fashion black key. In the tattoo, located on the wrist, it appears the word Love written in different colors

Butterfly tattoo on arm

A butterfly with red and black is seen in this tattoo located on the arm of a woman. The beautiful shapes drawn on outstretched wings make the tattoo have a unique charm. This is a perfect tattoo for those girls who love nature.

Jewelry bracelets tattoo

Some time ago I saw a picture which read: Fuck diamonds, tattoos are forever. And this is its literal demonstration. A young woman with multiple tattoos bracelets (jewelry) at the wrist. Could we say that it is very elegant tattoo?

Three anchor tattoos for friendship

Sometimes there are those who choose to tattoo the same tattoo design as a symbol of love, friendship or some kinship (brothers, sisters). These are usually the same design each, on other occasions that complement designs. This time is a tattoo of an anchor on her wrists, for a great friendship. A symbol to remember

Forget me not tattoo on wrist

  The simple phrase Forget me not on the wrist. Made with a simple italic font, on one side of the phrase is a little heart with a gradient from red to white. By the tattoo artist Lloyd Nakao at Sydney, Australia.